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Welcome to the Family Promise of South Palm Beach County training video website.

The purpose of the videos available on this site is to give Family Promise volunteers a basic understanding of elements of the Family Promise assitance program to homeless families with children. Of paramount importance is to give you, a valued volunteer insights on how you can best fulfill your role as a volunteer. We know that you want to do everything you can to help our guests return to a state of lasting self sufficiency. We believe that these videos will give you insight into exactly how to do this.

The training videos you are about to view were created in 2008 during the first live training sessions for congregational coordinators. They were created before Family Promise of South Palm Beach County had hosted any homeless families. The core lessons from these videos remain relevant today. The narrators for the videos are Kokie Dinnan, Executive Director of Family Promise of South Palm Beach County and Terry Lindemann, the Executive Director of family Promise Las Vegas. 

We would reccommend that you watch every video in the order they are listed below if you are a new volunteer. The vidos range in length from 15 to 30 minutes so you may want to watch one or two at a time rather than watch them all at one sitting. If you are already an experienced volunteer and are just seeking a refresher, please just select the video's you wish to watch. Select a video to watch by clicking on the name of the video in the menu bar at the top of the page or clicking on the links with the video title below. You will go to the page where the video is located. Click on the rectangle in the middle of the video screen to start watching.

You will notice a form to the left of the video screen. The form requests your name, contact information, and a comment section where you can as us questions might have from the video or give us your feed back. We request that you give us the contact information and if you have a question, we will get back to you with an answer. Your feed back is always important to us.

There are 7 video's in the series:

  1. An Introduction by Kokie Dinnan, Executive Director​
  2. Program Introduction​​
  3. Volunteering​​
  4. Scheduling​​
  5. Hospitality​
  6. Program Policies​
  7. Summary​